Reasons Why 2020 May be the Best Time to Find a New Job

job search

As each year comes to a close, it is natural to take inventory of the things we’ve accomplished over the past twelve months. At the same time, we get to look forward to what the next twelve might have in store. Whether we met all of our goals or we’re getting ready to make this…

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How to Keep Your Job Search Productive During the Holidays

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From November to January, most of us have about a million distractions competing for our attention. Between the mashed potato-induced comas, wrapping gifts and ringing in the New Year, schedules tend to get messy.  But if you’ve decided the new year will be your time to find a better job, there’s no reason to put…

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Base Salary vs Actual Compensation

base salary vs comp

Not all salaries are created equal. All too often, we find that job seekers will overlook a potentially rewarding opportunity solely because the base salary offered is lower than they expected. While starting salary can be an important factor, particularly for new grads chipping away at a mountain of student debt, it is certainly not…

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Pop Quiz: How to Answer Unexpected Interview Questions

pop quiz

Preparation is the key to any job interview. You know a potential employer is going to ask about your background, likes, expectations, and aspirations. But what do you do if there’s a question that is a complete departure from the line of questioning you would expect? First, it’s important to understand why employers ask these…

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